When I heard that my podcast partner-in-crime Robert Schroeter was about to go and work with a Swiss distillery, I know that would give us a great topic of conversation, part of it I knew I would share with you.

So here we go!

Tell me about you first. You’re not a professional distiller, at least not as of today, right?

You’re right. I started to work in clubs and bars in 2000. Since then, most of the time I worked as a bartender as well as managing bars, clubs and venues. I have owned bars as well and my thirst for knowledge and wish to always get better has not been quenched, yet. That’s why I am diving deeper into the production of spirits now.

Where are you now?

I currently live and work in Switzerland. There is a beautiful, family-owned distillery with nearly 150 years of history right between Berne and Lucerne. I use the turmoil of Corona to withdraw from big-city life and support this distillery. In exchange I get the chance to learn all I can!