About the author

I was born in France in the only area without culinary tradition but with an excellent cook as a grand mother who knew where to find raw milk and make her own butter.
I first studied Law and Economy at IEP (“aka Science Po Paris”), pursued with museum and curatorial studies immediately after and worked for 15 years in the contemporary art world.

For many obvious reasons I went from art to wine and decided to climb the WSET Diploma* ladder to eventually realize spirits fascinated me the most. This is why I started Spiritsfully as a platform to share my thirst of knowledge about distilled spirits and provide readers with a structured education about spirits.

When I’m not working on this website, I gather spirits intelligence and create content (show, text, conference, masterclass) for the spirit industry with my micro-agency The Beverage Bureau.
I also work in strategic foresight beyond the spirits industry with Mycelium Creative Studio.
You know everything! Almost. If you want more it’s happening here!


*I loved every level of the WSET including the Diploma. Got all the Units with honours but I couldn’t pass the “Wines of the World Practice” unit for health reasons.
Lucky me: I was still healthy when it was the time of the “Spirits” exam which I think was already a sign…

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