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Fruit brandy or fruit spirit is a distilled beverage produced from mash, juice, wine or residues of edible fruits.
Unlike grain spirits such as whisky or vodka, which are made throughout the year from grain that can be harvested and stored, fruit brandies are dependent on the seasons, the ripening of the base material, or the production of the wine from which it is made. It is fragile and versatile.

The term covers a broad class of spirits that we are covering in 3 sections as follows:

*Obtained from the distillation of wine, such as Cognac or Pisco
*Obtained from the distillation grape pomace, such as Grappa also named pomace-based brandies

Spirits based on grapes transformation are also name brandies. Brandy comes from brandywine, derived from Dutch brandewijngebrande wijn or “burned wine”) is a spirit produced by distilling wine or wine pomace. The family is old and broad.

Grape brandies

Apple brandies

Obtained from the distillation of apple cider, such as Calvados or Applejack


Obtained from the distillation of all other fruits (everything but apple or grapes)

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