Interviews of spirits makers

Welcome to the spirits makers page

Welcome to the spirits makers’s interviews page!
This is where you meet distillers without leaving your screen.

Theo Ligthart

February 2017: we meet with Theo Ligthart who created the craft spirits festival in Berlin, as well as two spirits, Das Korn, and Steinreich and who also initiated the Freimeister Kollectiv.

Stefanie Drobits

July 2017: we meet with stefanie drobits, a fruit brandy creator under the name “Fraülein Brösels” in her magical shop in Berlin Neukölln.

Pati Hertling

September 2017: we meet with Pati Hertling, lawyer, curator, and the mastermind behind material vodka in 2016 and is developing new seasonal spirits with New York chefs.

Theresa Bullmann

March 2018: we meet with Theresa Bullmann to talk about natural booze, fighting the alcohol conglomerates and the joy of distilling.

Franziska Bischof

April 2018: we meet with Franziska Bishof to discuss what craft can mean, women and distilling and why non alcoholic beverages are not a threat for distillers.

Tom Inden Lohmar & Stefan Zimmermann

October 2018: we meet with Tom Inden Lohmar and Stefan Zimmermann from Mampe to discuss old recipes and how to become a distiller why looking for a job in IT.

Florent Beuchet

January 2019: we meet with Florent Beuchet to discuss Rum’s -lack of?- transparency, creating a brand and post-colonialism.

Roland Barics

Summer 2019: we meet with Roland Barics to discuss alcohol as an aroma carrier and the other challenges of non alcoholic distillation.

Chris Montana

Fall 2019: Spiritsfully is in Minneapolis, in the US and met with Chris Montana who is leading the association of craft producers. We talked terroir, craft and inclusivity.

Gerald Koenen and Raphael Vollmar

December 2019: Spiritsfully interviews the two founders of the infamous wonderleaf!

Robert Schroeter

Fall 2020: Spiritsfully’s partner in crime (we do the podcast series Cocktail Kultur together!) Robert Schroeter from Berlin Cocktail Akademie went to work as a distiller in Switzerland. So we jumped at the opportunity to discuss distillation from a different perspective.

Stella Oriana Strüfing and Christian Zimmermann

Fall 2020: we meet with Stella Oriana Strüfing and Christian Zimmermann who created a non alcoholic drink named Laori in order to look at juniper from a different perspective.

Milan Esser, Alex Meister and Nicolas Van de Sandt

Fall 2020: we meet with the team behind easip to understand the process of creating non alcoholic beverages and their fascination for ginger.

Morten Sorensen

Winter 2020: Spiritsfully is lucky enough to meet with Morten Sorensen, the founder of ish spirits so we could talk about where flavours come from and the issue of mouthfeel in non alcoholic adult beverages production.