Do you remember what is the difference between sloe gin and gin? If not, this article is just right for you!

Sloe gin!

Sloe Gin is a liqueur produced by macerating sloe berries in high proof gin. It is not a gin!

It is usually bottled at 25% abv or higher. A sloe berry tastes slightly like bitter almond.
There is one more ingredient added : sugar (which is compulsory ingredient in a liqueur).
Sloes are little berries that grow wild all over England. They’re not widely cultivated, because of their highly astringent taste . However when the berries are infused in high-proof gin, along with a little bit of sugar, the result is a liqueur that is tart, but with a delicious richness and depth of flavor. Sloe berries blend well with gin and juniper… Now you know!