BCB 2018 closed its doors last evening at 7PM after intense three days. What is it to remember ?


1. There are still so many gins out there

Most of the booths again were gin related, specially the smaller stands. The question is: do we need another gin with other ingredients we never heard about? Tonka ? Japanese ingredients ? A huge number of botanicals? Almost no botanicals? Local ingredients? Exotic ingredients? Which region does not have its gin?
Please no misunderstanding, most of the people behind those gins work well. I’m just wondering how long will the category be able to not implode under the weight of innovations…

But very few innovations

Seriously ? anything you had not heard about before?  

2. Many great Vermouth producers were there!


3. Soft and fillers are becoming a category in their own right. And it is good!


4. Suntory Beam had the best presentation

Picture      Picture      

5. The best initiative in terms of producing and distilling differently is still FMK.


6. The supporting program was actually interesting and content based

The organisation over three days and the bigger location (as well as great weather) made this year a good year but yes we still wonder: why coffee? why beer? what is the real agenda behind this?