Destille returned March 3rd and 4th, 2018. It was one of the coldest weekend of the year in Berlin but the warmest spirits connoisseurs of the city all joined. Here is spiritsfully’s snapshots.

SNAPSHOT #1 – korn is a category to watch

The festival was rich of very high quality Korn this year. It is anyhow a bit frustrating that the category is still unknown to the wide public or misunderstood as the producers diving into Korn today are really creating jewels.
Check those from Rüdiger Saase in Austria (not a Korn country but…) and the one of the Ehringshausen Brennerei. You can only change everything you ever heard about Korn after tasting their products.

Picture       Picture      Picture       Picture      

SNAPSHOT #2 – gin is still a thing but suffers competition

SNAPSHOT #3 – German rum or whiskies are making a name for themselves

SNAPSHOT #4 – The tasting and lecture program


 It was with a great pleasure that spiritsfully put together a program of lectures and conferences for Destille Festival.
Of course given the obviously educational aspects of spiritsfully’s mission, it would be odd to say otherwise.
It was way richer in real that what I had imagined.
The program was organised cattering the needs
– of specialised public (how getting deeper in the knowledge of a spirits with Klaus Hagmann and fruit brandies, how to confront with issues of the field with Werner Albrecht and the new laws, or Reinhard Pohorenc and the new needs for transparency…)
– of amateurs (why all tequila are mezcal with David Suro or “what is craft today” which opens the series of lectures on Saturday or “meet the berlin producers”)
– of bar and cocktail demos (with Arnd Henning Heissen, Tuan Nguyen, Amos Wasserbach or Ruben Neideck)

Next year?
Who knows about next year, but for sure it would be interesting to go more into categories like Korn, showing the diversity of Berlin and Berlin and Germany based spirits, giving a sense of terroir, providing tools for tasting and assessing spirits better…

Photo credits. Anna Warnow.

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