Do you want to know about the fastest growing category in the drink industry ? Me too, so to start questioning and exploring this hot topic I went to hear what distill ventures’s COO Dan Gasper had to say on the subject. Read on !


  Non alcoholic beverages is the biggest growing category, non alcoholic drinks are to be taken more seriously now, and this is an expectation in any high end bar to find such drinks.

What are we talking about ?


Why is it such a big trend now ?

  • Health and well being —>  moderation of alcohol and sugar is asked or demanded at every level
  • Experience —> it is more about the experience that only about the drink
  • Flavour exploration —> people are actively seeking out more challenging taste profile. for long was booze late on that one, compare to food but it is changing now and the drinks industry is catching up
  • Bar economics —> more and more people are not drinking. why loosing on water what you can get with a high priced fresh ingredients non alcoholic drink ?

How to create a great non alc. experience ?

  • Brilliantly crafted and beautifully served drinks
  • Complex flavor and natural ingredients but without falling into artificial elements like food did a decade ago. focus on natural ingredients and create mouthfeel with real products ! or as it was said at this lecture : no frankenfood
  • Borrow techniques and language from booze

Where is the category going ?

Here are the five hypothesizes

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Find more docs and a great video of Distill Venture website: Anything to add or comments ?
Spiritsfully will get back on that subject soon in any event.
Cheers !