Pulque is fermented and has nothing to do with Mezcal or Tequila. Being part of Mexico’s famous beverages, let’s dive into it!

8 facts to know about Pulque

1/ Pulque is a very ancient drink from Mexico.
2/ It is fermented and not distilled.
3/ It has low ABV (as much alcohol as in beer).
4/ It is made from specific types of Pulque Agave*
5/ Pulque is made from cutting the leaf of the agave, and letting a sappy juice (aguamiel) to leak out and gathering into open wood barrel for fermentation.
6/ Pulque is always served very fresh. After one day, as yeasts and bacteria in the pulque are still active, taste changes strongly (and not good anymore).
7/ Pulque, when fresh, is full of nutrients (vitamin B, C, iron, etc). That is why Pulque in can must be AVOIDED.
8/ Pulque has a sour taste, slightly like ripe pear or banana & has the color of milk.        
*(Agave Salmania, Agave Americana, Agave Weberi, Agave Compicate, Agave Gracilipes, Agave Melliflua, Agave Crassispina, Agave Atrovirens, Agave Ferox, agave Mapisaga, Agave Hookeri).

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