Jared Brown and Anastasia Miller aka Mixellany gave a fantastic master class on Vermouth at Bar Convent 2015. It was a generous and wide approach and here are some of my highlights…

Belzasar white. Wonderful like a fruity sake. Aromatic and dry. One of my favorite.
Mancino white. off dry closer to a Martini Bianco though. Which is not my favorite. I like it very dry !
Belzasar rosé. Off dry, fruity, long length, pleasant !
Lillet rosso. Drunk very much chilled: felt like a cocktail, could be drunk straight
Bodiga vermouth rosso. very spicy (cinnamon, etc) but well balanced
Chinato. my other favorite of the pack ! Very fruity, could also be drunk alone.

And you ? What is your favorite Vermouth ?

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