2021 finally ended as planned and with it we hope some despicable trends. What are we not going to regret? Let’s check that out.

This is not gonna be a long list probably bc I don’t know how much I want to remember that year.

Indeed, it was a disastrous year, worldwide, not to mention the climate change. In the northern countries, from where I am writing today, most of the bars had to be closed for most of the year because of the Covid19 pandemic. Many have closed and with them the possibility or desire to renew.

The home party is a growing concept and with it a lot of innovations not necessary at all like the Barefoot wine with Oreo taste or the Aldi cheese with coffee liqueur and vodka.

This is the kind of product we would like to see no more in 2022.

What else?

More generally, the unfortunate collaborations (see above, and again I haven’t even mentioned vodka with French fries

The RTDs of the big brands made in a hurry and without love (this also works for the endless Hard Seltzlers denaturing the concept of Hard Seltzer)

Too much design kills design. The multiplication of drinks with wonderful labels but horrible liquids. Paying attention to the design is good but paying attention to the product is even better.

Useless packaging: who still needs cardboard boxes to buy whisky? This is related to the lack of innovation in terms of containers. Why still heavy glass bottles? Can’t we do better?

And you? what do you think were the 2021 to leave behind?