Spiritsfully hasn’t found an account to follow to learn about spirits in a systematical manner yet ?
Did you? Please tell me. Even Liquor.com which does great Youtube videos is all about cocktail.

Instagram is also tricky as it is not regulated, alcohol is a beverage that must be enjoyed wisely and responsibly and by adults. We have some issues here at Spiritsfully that Instagram is such a non regulated territory. It is targeting anyone, it makes alcohol glamorous, it is full advertisements which don’t seem like advertisements, hum, hum, hum. In countries like France where the advertising of alcohol is very much regulated, most of the influencers play with alcohol in contempt of the law.

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This said, it is possible to learn by the side. Brands are indeed communicating with content.
Some brands are using the opportunity to communicate about the produces directly. And this is nice to know more about where grains are sourced, what types of oak wood are being used, the size of cask and what they have been seasoned with before ageing etc etc. Anything toward more transparency is good. But are we face neutral information here?

Another way to learn on the side, is if you look for specialised knowledge and niche, then you’ll find some more information. There are many accounts dedicated to whisky for example. The content is mostly tasting notes, which is also a great way to learn about a spirit of course. To learn what to pay attention to. To learn what makes a whisky a good whisky. Stay alert that some post may be paid though.
Some account about whisky for example:
Check that article which lists several interesting accounts.

This post seems to only convey my distress. So let’s finish on a colourful note!
Indeed I’d like to draw your attention to many wonderful and colourful accounts to follow if you’re into cocktail though. Some of best drinkstagrammers accounts are listed in that post. Actually more than any other social media platform, Instagram is changing the world of craft cocktails. Are cocktails made to be drunk or to be seen? Are cocktail becoming sculptures or are still a way to enjoy time with other adults? Have cocktail anything to do with alcohol or with coloraturas or composition? Who’s talking about the sense of touch, smell and taste? 

Many questions. What is your answer?