We have to go to Belgium to find it. It is named Peket! The word Peket means “spicy” in old Walloon. According to other sources, this word comes from the language of the coal workers. It probably comes from the Walloon word pèke which, in certain regions of Wallonia, means juniper berries.

This name was then transposed, in Wallonia, to brandy flavoured with these berries. Peket is a grain alcohol distilled in the Mosane region, from Maastricht to Namur. It is flavoured with juniper berries which give it that characteristic taste.
Today there are several varieties of peket with different flavors such as cuberdon, cherry, strawberry, wild fruits, chocolate, passion fruit, grenadine, mint, orange, lemon, blackcurrant, violet, apple, speculoos, peppers (it then takes the name of “hell”), coconut…

Last things to know? Drink it neat but chilled.

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Want to know how it tastes?
Check it HERE Source of picture: https://www.traveldistilled.com/peket-the-spirit-of-liege/