A great news we are happy to share through this post: for a couple of months Spiritsfully started a collaboration with fictions’ Franck Audoux.

Together we create cocktails to interprete exhibitions or situations. The idea of the meeting between SPIRITSFULLY and FICTIONS is to make spirits and cocktails an instrument, a tool or a metaphor to read or interpret situations.

The idea is also to use the cocktail to mobilize gustatory and olfactory sensations at a time when we do not think to activate them, and transform their meaning through our senses.

The idea is also to turn our cocktails into non-retinal mirrors and reflections about an event, an exhibition, a collection, a film, a brand, an album, a perfume, an opening…

We asked ourselves about the future of the drink and the future of the bar and we concluded that we had to take the cocktail out of the bar, put the drinks out of reach of the egos of the bartenders, codes, rituals and other manias to underline their fictional potential.

We give to drink and see and read. The cocktail as a tool to apprehend reality differently. The cocktail as a window on an event.
We make drinking an intimate, fleeting and unforgettable experience
We make cocktail say what a picture will never say, or not yet say.


The cocktail accompanied all the avant-gardes of the 20th century, but also the new rhythms, the new music…
The cocktail has a privileged link with creation and it is this link that interests us.

Anyway, check the website to find out more.

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