Seco Herrerano is an alcoholic beverage distilled from sugar cane. It is distilled three times. It is traditionally used directly or in mixed drinks as a substitute for rum or vodka. What else do you need to know?

Although most assume that rum is Panama’s national liquor, it’s actually Seco—an 80-proof, white spirit distilled from sugarcane.
So, how does it differ from rum? It’s not made from molasses but sugarcane juice, like rhum agricole but higher proof. So in other words: like grappa is to wine, seco is to rum—a high-proof version.

This is also a trademark! Indeed, Seco Herrerano is made in central Panama in the town of Pesé, near where the sugarcane is grown in Pese Valley, by Varela Hermanos—a family-run distillery that dates back to 1936.

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