Remember those old articles about grappa? And the cheatsheets on fine and marc? Think you knew all about spirits made from wine must? Then read this article to be sure!

Indeed, as we have often said here, the world of spirits has also developed not only because of alchemy but because it was an optimal preservation technique and above all it allows to use everything and not to make waste. Grappa and other distillates coming from the distillation of wine must are the best example. They were developed because it was necessary not to waste this must, obtained after so much work.

That’s why we find these distillates in all the great wine nations and especially in Portugal.

Bagaceira is a spirit with an alcohol content between 35 and 54% obtained from distillates of grape marc, with or without wine lees, and can be partially rectified. It can be blended with ethyl alcohol of the same origin to regulate the congeneric content.

There are also liqueurs of Bagaceira.

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