Did you make it to Destille berlin this year. It was a glorious weather this weekend, felt more like summer than Spring. Many exhibitors from … … everywhere again.

Great tastings, great lecture program.
And your servitor was there too, been talking about women in distillation, and many stories about them. In my next post, I will upload a short visual presentation for everyone to get a glimpse.

As per now, here is a little gallery of pictures :

A quick praise now, for a Gin I tasted for the first time and that I found deeply different and good. Who could still imagine being surprised in the gin category ?
Spiritsfully is about making of spirits, not recommendation, but sometimes, I come across great products and I need to pass it on. This is the case with Wayfarer.

Picture      Picture      

Wayfarer Gin is brand new, first bottles were released in Fall 2016. It is a remembrance of a trip to French Provence. There is lemon and Rosmarin gently completing with the Juniper. The Gin has a round and generous mouthful and soft alcohol.
This is this time a TRUE craft spirits. The proof is that it doesn’t even claim for the craft adjective. There are not only a small batch but the founder does everything HIMSELF, locally. He bought the tools, the stills, the ingredients. He learned how to distilled. He made mistakes and got often discouraged. It took him and his girlfriend three years but they did it. We are here very far from 2 cool bearded guys giving 40 to 60 grands to a big distillery, 5 grands to a good graphic designer and here we go : a new gin.
As far as I am concerned, this is not craft distillation.

But Wayfarer is.
Bravo !!!! (Moreover the two owners from Cologne are the loveliest people to meet, such a warm and accessible welcome !)

Here is their website.