So what will happen in 2017? Let’s try to formulate some hypotheses!

And let me know what you think about it!

Key trends in the vodka category ?
– wellness trend continue (with vitamin enriched vodka)
– introduction of local ingredients continues 
– smaller scale players will have more difficulties to compete against bigger scale player as shelf space gets reduced

Key trends in the scotch whiskie category ?
– scotch producers will keep developing new products outside of what scotch whiskies appellation authorized
– new distillers keeps opening = new whiskies regions in view ?
– better marketing and packaging to cater need for knowledge 

Key trends in the whiskie category ?
– greater focus on terroir and single estate products ?
– bigger group diversifying their portfolio 
– consumer concerned with provenance will encourage distilleries to fully own the whole supply chain ?

Key trends in the cognac and brandies category ?
– more interest in Cognac ?
– more mono brand stores ?
– more local brandies ?

Key trends in the gin category ?
– always more independent craft distillers ?
– more local botanicals ?
– more experimental ? from hybrid categories and aging experiments ?

Key trends in the rum category ?
– more interests in pungent rhum agricole ?
– call for rum classification ? 
– emergence of new world rhum production ?

Key trends in the Tequila category ?
– super premium categories still soaring 
– more experiments with ageing tequila ?
– rebirth of tequila in cocktail ?

Key trends in the liqueur category ?
– more focus on natural and less sugary ingredients 
– big liqueur players will sign cocktail to increase hegemony 
– more craft liqueur made for bartenders ?

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