In this article I am sharing with you websites i like to check regularly to keep learning and to be informed about the industry.

I am trying to organize them by category, but of course many overlap those categories. Anyway, let’s start :

Websites dedicated to all spirits with an educational dimension.

English language.
I’d love if someone find a better generalist website educating about all spirits that this one. So far, beside spiritsfully, this one is my favorite. Clear and easy to browse, good design, easy access educational texts never despising never snob, and many spirits recommendations. They are connoisseurs based in Seattle, who created a great database which you can access after a few questions to will help you to find the right spirit for the right time.

Websites linked to a print magazine dedicated to all spirits (educational dimension, some history and a lot about the trade).

eye for spirits
German language
The website is not very sexy anyhow but easy to browse. Interesting mix of cocktails + news from the industry and most of all many great PDF and infographics to download (in English).

French language
The magazine is the online presence of the French national federation of anyone concerned with spirits. Good educational sections. News from the industry.

spirits business
English language
Worldwide looking with many news from the industry, from the trade (off and on) but reviews to take with precautions : the magazine also organizes  awards, which they make money from (is this their business model?) and review afterwards.

drink business
English language
See above but this website is not limited to spirits as it also includes beer, wine.

whiskie magazine & spirits magazine by la maison du whiskie
English and French language
Worldwide looking with many news from the industry, from the trade (off and on) but reviews to take with precautions : the magazines are published by the great Paris based spirits distributor LMDW, so you may find good reviews about their new products. Regularly interesting lengthy articles about new trends and revived spirits.

English language
Online presence of the spirits industry by the European commission. Great about about the industry from a legal and reglementation perspective.

Websites dedicated to reviews and tastings only.

Please do not consider this list as being exhaustive, there are tons on those websites and often specialised into one category.

Why reading and following these websites when you just into understanding the alchemy of spirits : this is great to teach you how to taste spirits !

rum howler
English language
It started with rum and extended to all kind of reviews. It gives awards every year. This is now a valuable database of all type of alcohol and their evolution over the years. The website is not the sexier you’ll find a lot of detailed information on products

the alcohol professor
English language
Many tastings notes of spirits, beer and wines from different contributors, often witty, good to know what’s going on, and have an idea of new products.

Websites dedicated to cocktails and the bar world

tale of the cocktail
English language
This website is obviously about cocktail, and linked to a yearly New Orleans based festival. There is also good amount of info about the industry and more specially the on trade. Beyond cocktail it is interesting to follow as per the in depth features, lately about Vermouth for example (Fall 2016)

English language
many tastings + trade + innovation + cocktails EN all alcohol including wine and beer

mixology magazine
German and English language
Because Tale of the cocktail is not everything*** Please do check my resources section where I gather my sources according to spirits categories if you want to go further into learning.  Click below to have this whole list in a clean usable excel that you can keep using for you, your own research and websites you love !

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